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View Website is a website. Which says they are an “online introduction service” who works with over 25,000 Russian and Ukrainian women looking to marry American and European men.

According to their website, people wonder whether this service is real or fake because many other Russian Bride websites have ruined the reputation of a legitimate introduction service which puts Eastern European women together with their American and European counterparts. 

Russian Bridal Services

To fight back against this negative impression of Russian bridal services, has spent over one million dollars creating their Anti-Scam Protection.

Russian Brides provides leadership and guidance to the industry at large with insight and expertise that can’t be matched. The Russian Brides’ reputation for honesty and integrity has been the key to success which is why fully half our clients come to us by word of mouth.

Russian Brides, as do all other websites of Anastasia’s family, supports long-standing protection of member safety. Dedication to customer satisfaction and her ongoing pursuit of innovation.


Phone Number: +1-800-480-8077

Address: 103 Sham Peng Tong Plaza Victoria, New York 10018, Seychelles

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    Total rip off! This site should be illegal

    Total rip off! This site should be illegal!
    Full of fake profiles with pictures pulled from the net.
    Simply save a picture and copy its image data then search it in google pictures, what comes up ar…. More

    dzikowiechb - October 9, 2019
    Russianbrides is a fake

    I couldn’t rate the service or anything, there’s nothing to rate the site is a fake

    pitisi0y - August 30, 2019