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There are sentences that could have elapsed The Best Compliment several years from hearing, but are still just as clear. You can remember how it was raining outside your window, the sound of hissing cast iron heaters, and most of all, how those few words clogged your chest and made your voice break with emotion.

That was a good compliment.

The Best Cinematic Compliment to a Woman

Remember the fantastic scene in “It Can’t Get Better” where Melvin tells Carol that he has a compliment for her, and it’s real? She is not convinced and says,
“I’m afraid it’s something terrible.”
“Don’t try to be pessimistic,” says Melvin, and begins to say, “I have a certain… disease.” My doctor, the psychiatrist I saw, says the pills help most of these cases. I hate pills. A dangerous thing. As you can see, I used the word “hate” here. The thing is, when you showed up at my place and said that you never …
– Ehmm …
– Anyway, you know what you said.
– The point is, the next day I started taking the powders.

She sits surprised and finally asks:

– Is that a compliment?
– Yes, because you make me want to be a better person.

Despite the passage of years, I believe that this is one of the most accurate compliments you can say to someone. Not because it is sophisticated (because it is not), but because a good compliment is always some form of saying, “You influence my life.”

And it could be: “I want to be the guy you deserve for you”, “I’ve never been so happy with anyone”, “An hour lasts like one minute with you” or “Can’t we really take L4 and stay in bed together?” “I would even live with you in Norway, and I hate the cold.”

All the rest are not compliments. Saying “You are beautiful” and “You have a great smile” is just an empty judgment. A note that you get from a self-appointed juror, as if life was a “Dancing with the Stars” and she just showed off a piece of butt in a thong – and a butt, DilMil the shape of which owes largely to good genes, not to her unique personality.

The Best Compliment to A WomanTwo qualities of a good compliment

A good compliment should contain two things that people mean.

First, there should be emotions in it.

Second, it should relate to your relationship.

When you just say “You are beautiful!” She still doesn’t know how you feel about her, or how you affect your lives, and people live in a constant deficit of a sense of uniqueness. They want to know, regardless of gender, that they are more to someone. Than the sum of internal organs, bones and skin. They want to be aware that there is something in them that is not in others. They want to feel that they are not easily replaceable and interchangeable. Like chain trousers with a split seam. They want to go on a date with you and make you remember her face. Even if you go there 48 more times with other people. They want you to remember their birthdays even when you don’t get a notification on your phone.

So I can bet that if Helen Hunt heard “You Have Beautiful Eyes” even in the form of the second “Song of the Songs,” she would only say what thousands of women say on each date: “Oh, thank you.” She would smile dimly at the end of that short sentence, look at the menu, and then forget it after fifteen seconds. Not because it’s not nice, but because it doesn’t mean anything. There is nothing unique about it – nothing that applies only to her, nothing that will make her feel special, different, the only one.

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However, she heard:

“You make me want to be a better person.” Which was why she replied to Jack Nicholson with sparkling eyes, “This is perhaps the most beautiful thing I’ve ever heard.” Because she was aware that he probably knew hundreds of beautiful women, but he did not want to take his hated pills for any of them. He preferred to be a snappy, introverted writer who wasn’t willing to make any concessions. He didn’t want to do this until he met her.

This is much more than saying “You are beautiful” five times a day, three times a day “You are sexy” and every two days “I love you.” Not only because you can say what the other person you meet, but also because if these words are not followed by actions, it means exactly the same as an investment in Amber Gold – nothing.

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