For what purpose did you register on an international dating site? The answer usually sounds like this – find a life partner, find a serious relationship, give a chance to new relationships in a new living space. we have common goals In fact, it happens that not everyone is ready to realise this goal. This applies to both triptogether women and men. In this case, this goal is interpreted depending on the psychological characteristics of an individual and the degree of readiness to perform actions, the desire to steadily move towards achieving one’s goal.

Typical models of communication on a dating site – We have Common Goals

There are some typical communication patterns that indicate that you are simply wasting time of your life with the wrong people. For people who have their own goals and their own understanding of communication and its comfort.

You met a man and communicate with him in letters.

Communication can be very pleasant and intense and go on and on and on…We have common goals You exchange photos, opinions, talk about your past. This communication does not address the issue of a real meeting. It is clear that at the present time, when the borders are closed due to the virus, the issue of a real meeting is not relevant We are now giving a specific model of communication that is not affected by today’s difficulties. In this model, a real meeting is not discussed or proposed, and, in general, is not planned.

You are invited to communicate in letters – words, words, words … You communicate with a person who has a different goal. Its purpose is virtual communication. Thus, he realises his need for communication, spends his time. Pleasant conversations, compliments, stories about yourself, fantasies, collecting your photos.

Everything suits him, he does not intend to do things for you. The probability that after a year of communication he will be ready to make them is zero. You may even be given compelling arguments why you cannot meet in the next six months ….

Advice: reduce or stop such communication. Such communication is a way to nowhere and with no one. You gave the man a chance. Do not waste any more of your precious time and energy on the futility of this path. Move on, gratefully accepting this experience.

DATING FOREIGNERS: DO WE HAVE COMMON GOALS?You met and communicated with a very interesting man.

You like a lot about him and are comfortable with his status as a landlord and his family business. He writes to you that he is looking for a woman with whom he wants to share his life and all. The work around the house, and his small business (for example, a carp farm). In the literal sense of the word. He is looking for a woman not only for love, but also for quite hard physical work. He declares this openly.

we have common goals And you, due to circumstances. Were deprived of the opportunity to perform hard physical work, you. Were engaged in mental work all your life. If you do not decide for yourself to try this path, to test yourself in a new capacity. Then you are communicating with a person whose interests do not coincide with yours.

Tip: a man says openly what he wants. You just need to hear. If you are not ready to make these commitments, be direct. He will only be grateful to you. You will both save time looking for the right partner. Here you can give many examples when certain conditions are indicated in the questionnaire or in letters, you need to accept these conditions or refuse to communicate, of course, telling the man the reason for the refusal. The saying “be patient, fall in love” does not work. For example, if a man wants a joint child, this is also his vision of relationships, his desire, which cannot be ignored.

One of the signs of inexperience in the behaviour of women on an international dating site is, after the registration procedure, a passive expectation of men showing interest in their person.

This behaviour is also characteristic of lazy women who are not ready to take the initiative and hope for a chance to get acquainted without any effort on their part.

Tip: to reach your goal, you need an active search. Write to the men first. we have common goals At the same time, you exercise your right to choose – read profiles, look at photos and you decide (at the first stage) whether you want to communicate with this person. You need to communicate with many men, openly and confidently talk about yourself, ask questions, and carefully read the answers. Collect information to understand what brings you together, what points of contact there are for productive communication and development of relationships.

You communicate with a man on Skype or other instant messengers with great interest and intensity.

Communication has been going on for 2 – 3 weeks, it is time to ask about the possibility of a real meeting. Ask when and how he imagines it.
Tip: pay attention to his reaction, how he took your offer. Discuss with him when this might happen, how he sees your meeting. Start planning it together, discussing options. If a man is not ready for a meeting, then this may also be a sign that you are wasting your time. Of course, the coronavirus situation is an exception.

When communicating with a man, the theme of a previous relationship, the theme of resentment towards an ex-wife, often sounds.

If a man, upon meeting you, told you that he failed in a personal relationship and broke up, that he wants to meet a new relationship and start a new life, this is normal. But, if he constantly returns to this topic, telling you the details of life with his former wife, then this is a sign of the incompleteness of the previous relationship.

Tip: a man is not ready for a new relationship. His mind is not ready. He is still in the old relationship and must process them. There is no room for new feelings in his heart yet. Your right to decide whether you want to communicate with him or it is better to give your communication time to another man who is ready for a relationship, for a meeting, for a new life.

In conclusion, we would like to emphasise that if you have a goal, you develop your strategy for achieving it, communication tactics, ways of understanding and accepting the communication process, analyse the aspects of “feedback” monitor the reaction of men and, accordingly,

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we have common goals make adjustments to your manner of meeting foreigners. While actively searching for a partner, you develop yourself, studying. The psychology of personality. The nuances of the mentality of Western European men. The language of communication, form your own unique image, positive and open to communication, knowing yourself and the world around you, you are on the right path to achieving your goal – finding a happy relationship with a foreigner!

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