The Movie Christmas Dates and Other Romantic Comedies

The movie “Dates from the holidays” and other romantic comedies are always a proven Christmas Dates choice to spend time together with a loved one or a loved one. When we arrange a date, it does not always mean going to a restaurant, cinema or theater – sometimes we just want to stay at home, make popcorn and have a romantic session on our own couch. Such evenings are also a good idea for FlirtWith parents of young children – you do not have to worry about the babysitter, and if necessary, the film can be stopped at any time.

For years, romantic comedies have been the most popular productions for a shared evening for lovers who cannot decide which film to choose. Dating a loved one is also often the only opportunity for many men to watch this movie genre. A lot of interesting proposals have arisen and are still being created, which amuse, often move and allow you to believe that there is always a happy ending for everyone.

“Christmas Dates” and other comedies perfect for lovers

The movie “Christmas Dates” is a good proposition for both couples who have been together for some time, and those who are just starting their adventure together or are not yet sure whether to turn their relationship into a relationship. This light, fun production is slightly different from classic romantic comedies and shows the love affairs of two people and their twisted paths in a way that some of us find it easier to identify with.

Nowadays, when we often think that single life suits us and we do not want to change it, “Christmas Dating” can make us realize that we all need another person also every day and that in a relationship it is extremely important that a partner he was our friend. The person with whom we create a harmonious duo, we understand each other perfectly and we have a great time, often turns out to be the one we fall in love with – even against our decisions. It is also a good proof that a chance meeting and a seemingly ordinary coincidence can change a lot in our lives.

When it comes to choosing romantic comedies for a shared evening for couples, the field of possibilities is really wide. Are you getting ready for a date with your loved one or loved one at home? Not sure what to choose for an evening screening, and are you already done with “Christmas Dating”? Here are a few other, equally interesting proposals – both newer and classic, cult ones, which most of us already know well, but still return to them with fondness.

“This is Love”

I think we all know the film “This is love”. Dating, especially around Christmas, definitely cannot do without this item! It can be said that it is basically a classic of romantic cinema. In this production, ten completely different love stories are intertwined – so everyone can find a story similar to theirs among them and easier to deal with. The film allows you to get to know feelings from many different points of view and thus understand the different faces of love.

The Movie "Christmas Dates" and Other Romantic Comedies“Pretty Woman” – Christmas Dates

Another classic among romantic comedies. Pretty Woman tells the story of a woman who, struggling with a lack of money, takes up the oldest profession in the world. Her life unexpectedly changes completely when she catches the eye of a millionaire … Although the film was made in 1990, it still enjoys great popularity, especially among women. And it’s hardly surprising – after all, FlirtWith each of the ladies wants to believe that regardless of the circumstances, her life can change by 180 degrees at any moment and bring pleasant surprises.

“Love, Rosie” – Christmas Dates

Not sure which movie to choose? Dating with a loved one or a loved one will surely be enhanced by the production entitled “Love, Rosie”! It is entertaining, extremely touching, it makes you think and reevaluate your life. It is a unique story of two friends who were inseparable from childhood, but never dared to name their feelings. They have relationships along the way and unexpected, unplanned situations make their paths winding and bumpy – just like in real life. This is a good proposition for fans of less obvious romantic productions.

“How to Lose a Boyfriend in 10 Days”

In addition to the movie “Christmas Dates” is another funny production that proves us that when it comes to love – we can never be sure of anything. Our plans and assumptions may change at any time, giving way to a nascent feeling. “How to Lose a Boyfriend in 10 Days” is a funny story of a woman who challenges herself to discourage a man within 10 days and a guy who bet that – also within 10 days – a woman will fall in love with himself.

Bridget Jones’s Diary. – Christmas Dates

The next (already) cult movie. Dating and even girl meetings with this production cannot go wrong. The nice, awkward Bridget experiences ups and downs (and failures) almost everywhere, she is 32-year-old single and it seems that this will not change anytime soon. However – as you know – fate can be perverse, as the main character finds out more than once. In Miss Jones, every woman can see a part of herself, which makes this production even closer to us.


This movie is worth choosing during the Christmas season. Dating on the couch in front of the TV with such a production is pure pleasure. Two strange women who meet online and – because of broken hearts – decide to change houses for a while is a warm and funny story that love can find us anywhere, even if we are just running away from it.

“Letters to M.” – Christmas Dates

A series of Polish films in which we can find similarities to “This is Love”. We get to know several love stories and completely different people in them. Their adventures can not only give us much food for thought, but also show the power of love and believe that everything is possible.

“It’s just sex”

This is a production in a similar atmosphere to “Christmas Dates”. A boy and girl who, due to their failures in love, do not intend to settle down and decide to focus only on the physical pleasures of the relationship, remaining friends. Neither of them, however, expects what will come of such a “friendship”.

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“Certainly, maybe”

An unusual production about a father who tells his daughter. The stories of his greatest loves, and she tries to guess. Which of the mentioned women is her mother. They both realize that nothing is ever easy with feelings, and that you can always try again. Go back to the past and try to have a happy ending again.

“Christmas Dates”, the above-mentioned films, as well as many other love productions allow you to believe. That love really is for everyone, it often waits just around. The corner and can come at the most unexpected moment and from the unexpected side. We can sincerely laugh at them and shed a few tears of emotion. They often allow us to understand what is most important in life. A date with a loved one is therefore a very good time to reach for romantic comedies.

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